Tonneau Covers – Truck Beds & Caps

Businesses that operate industrial work trucks often use their vehicles as storage units on wheels. Tools, materials and other necessary equipment are kept in the beds of these trucks so everything needed to complete a job is close at hand. The trouble with this, however, is that you can’t leave valuable tools and materials exposed in an open truck bed due to possible theft or damage from natural elements.


Fortunately, Sullivan Truck Equipment offers a large selection of truck bed systems, such as tonneau covers, truck lids, fiberglass truck caps, and more.


Although tonneau covers are undeniably necessary for those using pickup trucks as work vehicles, they are also popular for those who own a truck for leisure and everyday use. Regardless of how you benefit from the protection of a tonneau cover, you can rely on Sullivan Truck Equipment to provide you with only the strongest and most dependable options to choose from.


We only sell truck bed systems made by manufacturers that value quality over all.


We want our customers to be confident in the purchase they have made, and that is only possible if we are equally confident in our inventory. The tonneau covers and fiberglass truck caps we stock are made of rust-proof materials, are easy to install and remove, and are perfectly rigid for a firm fit.

Tonneau covers, truck caps, truck lids, and truck bed systems are must-haves in their own right for individual and businesses alike. Contact Sullivan Truck Equipment at 601-352-7641 today for more information on these products or any of the other items we offer.