Boom/Bucket Trucks For Your Business

If you work in the construction industry, the utility industry, the sign industry, or another area that routinely requires you to send personnel, materials, tools, and more high up into the sky, you know first-hand how important boom and bucket trucks are to the project. Sullivan Truck Equipment can help you turn flatbed trucks into boom and bucket trucks so you and your company can carry out a wide range of tasks safely. We have more than 30 years of experience when it comes to using the best brand-name equipment to customize trucks, so we can handle it all.


Custom Boom & Bucket Truck Services in Mississippi


Are you interested in adding boom and bucket trucks to your company’s fleet? Give Sullivan Truck Equipment a call and let us show you how we can use Dur-a-Lift® products to give your organization the boom and bucket trucks that it needs. The Dur-a-Lift brand has been around for 50 years and specializes in manufacturing the high-quality equipment that’s necessary to produce top-of-the-line boom and bucket trucks. Whether you’re looking for something simple that can be used by your residential construction company or something more heavy-duty for your municipality, the Dur-a-Lift products available through Sullivan Truck Equipment have you covered.


With boom and bucket trucks, your company will be able to tackle even the most difficult tasks with ease while keeping everyone who is working on them safe. From lifting heavy materials and tools up to the second and third floors of a structure to sending employees up to install a sign on a building or make a repair on a utility pole, you can use boom and bucket trucks in countless ways.


Contact Sullivan Truck Equipment at 601-300-2121 to find out more about the boom and bucket trucks that we can offer in Jackson and Brandon, MS as well as other parts of Mississippi.